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Health and Wellness Centre
Ms Roshieda Shabodien, the wife of the Premier, Mr. Ebrahim Rasool, officially opened the Western Cape Rehabilitation Centre Health and Wellness Centre on Wednesday 28 June 2006.

The Health and Wellness Centre, which currently houses the indoor heated hydrotherapy pool and a small collection of gymnasium apparatus eagerly awaits further development. The aim is to establish a disability friendly comprehensive gymnasium for both in-and out-patients as well as community groups and disabled persons organizations. Persons with disabilities will be assisted in the use of the equipment, taught how to make adaptations around their disabilities and will be assisted in designing programs to ensure maintenance of their health and wellness.

To further promote health and wellness, other programs and health-related services are envisaged. Any person’s interested in assisting with the development of appropriate programmes in the Centre, please contact Teresa Lucas at 021-3702313 or e-mail Teresa.Lucas@westerncape.gov.za

Click here to view a PowerPoint presentation on the Health and Wellness Centre.

The Wheelchair Dexterity / Gait Obstacle Course
This specially designed course includes most everyday obstacles that a person may encounter in his / her community environment. It includes a pavement curb, gutter, steps, road camber / graded ramps and various surfaces (e.g. gravel, paving, etc). Clients practise wheelchair dexterity / gait, as well as endurance and balance to enable them to cope optimally with most architectural barriers when they return home after completing their individual rehabilitation programmes. If appropriate, family members are also trained to manage clients’ wheelchairs over the various surfaces.

The Wheelchair / Gait Time Trial - Course
This course is designed specifically to provide an opportunity for clients to build up their speed and endurance in using a wheelchair or in walking. Wheelchair dexterity can also be practised to some extent, as it includes some obstacles that will teach clients skills that will enable them to cope optimally at home, after individual rehabilitation programmes have been completed.

Basketball Court
Rehabilitation programmes include all facets of life to assist clients’ re-integration into their communities. Participation in basketball provides them with an opportunity to practice previous sport, or encourage involvement in new sport/ leisure time activities, while addressing general physical and psychological functioning. Wheelchair dexterity skills, endurance and balance are also promoted. At the same time clients and staff have a great deal of fun.

Simulation Vehicle for drivers and passengers
Currently an ordinary car is used to enable disabled clients to practise transfers. However, other functional activities, e.g. washing of a car are also done according to clients’ needs. These activities prepare clients & their families for optimal independent functioning after discharge from the WCRC.

Hopefully an adapted hand - control system will be fitted to the car in future, in order to expose clients to what is available on the market. Currently the peer training method is utilised to demonstrate the practical use of the system.

Feng Shui Meditation Garden
Our meditation garden provides clients and their family members with a milieu that is calm, relaxed, quiet and ideal for spiritual reflection and meditation.

Library and Internet Cafe
The WCRC library provides staff, students, clients and their families, access to various resource materials, e.g. textbooks, DVD’s, videos and the Internet.

The Lodge for Family and Caregivers
This facility will be commissioned in 2007 and will allow accommodation for:

  • Clients’ family members who receive carer instruction and need to stay at the WCRC if they do not live in close proximity to the Centre;
  • Ex-clients who wish to attend training programmes presented by the WCRC;
  • Clients who have completed their rehabilitation programmes, have been discharged and are waiting for transport home.

A basic requirement will be that boarding in this area must be part of a structured programme / service offered at the WCRC.

Three Functional In-patient Units
The WCRC has three huge therapy areas, each with gymnasiums, counselling areas, conference rooms, and activities of daily living (ADL) areas comprising of kitchen, bathroom and bedroom.

Pik n’ Sluk
The WCRC kiosk is open 5 days a week and serves high quality meals and snacks at very affordable prices. This is a popular venue for meetings and a ‘chill out zone’ for friends, family and staff.

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