Hospital Board

The Minister of Health, Minister Pierre Uys appointed the following Hospital Board members for a 3-year period (2010 - 2013):

Persons representing Community Organisations:

Mr Anthony Ghillino (Chairperson: QuadPara Association, Western Cape)
Mrs Kath Green (Cape Women's Agricultural Association and a the treasurer of the ex-Conradie Benevolent Association)

Persons with Expertise:

Mr JP Lugt (Person with expertise: Quadriplegic entrepreneur & businessman)
Ms Lucia Hess-April (Representing academia and Senior Lecturer, Dept. of
Occupational Therapy, UWC)
Mr Martin Petersen: Lawyer (partner in the firm Lowe and Petersen)
Mr Msizi Cele: Entrepreneur (Executive Chairman of the Magaye Group - involved with social issues).
Mr Harry Bell : Businessman working at Investec
Wentzel Barnard : Sports Administrator at Stellenbosch University 

Persons representing WCRC:

Ms J Hendry (Head of the Institution)
Mrs T Mc Kee  (representing Clinical staff)
Mr J van Rooyen (representing non-clinical staff)

Lucia Hess-April has been elected as the chairperson for the WCRC facility Board in 2011, whilst Martin Skovgaard-Petersen will act as vice-chair.

The Facility Board meets every second month at WCRC. A Financial
Committee consisting of  Kath Green, JP Lugt, Jim van Rooyen, Elize Eksteen and Jorietha Kloppers was formed in order to assess and recommend financial requests to the Board prior to meetings.

The members act as chairpersons for various steering committees and projects:
Mr Cele: Media & Communication Sub-committee
Ms Hess-April: Health and Wellness Centre
Mr Barnard: Weekend activities
Mrs Green: Social assistance
Mr Ghillino: Wheelchair Races
Mr Lugt: Facility improvement

The Facility Board has agreements with two individual fundraisers:

Jacques Lloyd
Elsje Scheffler

Msizi Cele - Board Member

Anthony Ghillino - Board Member

JP Lugt - Board Member

Harry Bell - Board Member

Martin Skovgaard-Petersen - Board Member

Kath Green - Board Member

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